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    Henry Ford

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Our Services
Web App Development

Frontend: Angular, Vue.js, React, PWA
Backend: Django, Node.js, Go, Asp, PHP

Mobile App Development

iOS Native, Android Native, Flutter

Desktop App Development

C#, Java, Python

Web Crawler Development

Extract Useful Information

Social Networks Bot Development

Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox Bot

Data Analysis

Data Mining, Web Mining

Our Skills

Our team has more than 7 years of experience in the field of technology and software development which indicates that our team is completely professional and dynamic. Recently, we have been working on implementing smart solutions and developing enterprise software using artificial intelligence methods.
  • Fast Development
    Fast Development
  • Cost Reduction
    Cost Reduction
  • Increase Loyalty
    Increase Loyalty
  • Free Support
    Free Support

Fast DevelopmentFast Development

At Cilix, we always adhere to four principles.

One of those principles is rapid development. Using smart development methods, we try to deliver the product to the customer on time, that is, to provide the highest quality product in the shortest time.

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Cost ReductionCost Reduction

The second principle we adhere to is cost reduction.

We always try to do our best and do the necessary analysis before start working so that we can reduce the price of the product as much as possible while maintaining the quality of products and satisfying the customers.

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Increase Customer LoyaltyIncrease Loyalty

Along with the first two principles, there is a third principle that we believe in more than one working principle.

In the production of our products, in addition to maintaining the quality of products, we always seek to obtain customer satisfaction because we believe that customer loyalty is the capital of our organization.

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Free SupportFree Support

Finally, the fourth principle is to provide free support to our customers.

In all the products we develop, we provide free support to our customers for one year to promise our customers that we will not leave them alone and we are by their side.

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