Inji Vas Mas

A simple game that is just for entertainment about Dar Hashieh series.

This game has been developed under Android OS, the download link is here.
Myket Link.

What is Inji Vas Mas?

Have you ever noticed that when you look at the backstage of a serial on the sidelines, you do not understand some of the words “rubbish” and wonder at the actors’ laughter? In this Android-powered app, we introduce you to a fun and entertaining environment in which you can laugh and cheer with actors, and learn the whole term of Massey Wass. This program is more fun than you think because you can even see new terms that are probably going to be used in the next part of the series sooner and when you see the series, those terms Listen and feel superior to others.
Plus, when you’re in the middle of your friends wanting to say something that explodes, you can use the terms we’ve prepared for you and give your friends a few minutes of laughter.
In this program, we have a lot of interesting expressions in the Qomi dialect, and you rely on your answers to guess the coins and challenge yourself.
The process of the program is such that the more beautiful the terms, the more attractive they become and the more difficult they are to guess.
We love to have you and we can provide you with moments of happiness, especially when watching the series.

  • Attractive user interface
  • Having animated icons and…

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