Footofun is Android Application gathering useful content on the web automatically and presenting them by categorized.
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It has been tried to maintain a wide range of high quality content to cover all users’ preferences. Important to the fan and fan, we removed the useless and useless web content in this app and put a powerful search on it so that the user could easily find the content they wanted. We at Silix Group are implementing user-friendly content sharing so that users can share useful content with others that you can use soon.
All you need to do is collect in this app and the content of this app is updated daily.

362/5000Everything you need to know about any topic is included in this product including: Training Tutorial – All Social Networking Apps – Hacking – Hacking Prevention – Cooking – Hairdressing – Game Tricks – Aulchens Clutch – Learn English and anything you want.
There is knowledge and skill on every subject in this product.
Software Features:

  1. Provide multimedia training content
  2. Like and comment system for content
  3. Contains two sections of up-to-date and useful content
  4. Favorites system
  5. Powerful download manager to download and stop files
  6. Beautiful and comfortable user interface
  7. Has a powerful search
  8. Update app contents daily
  9. Extensive coverage of all topics
  10. Ability to drag watched videos

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