GhaemYadak is a price management system to control price fluctuations in the store. it helps sellers to know the exact price of products.It’s developed with Django and Angular 6. Features: Adding and editing products and categoriesReporting on wholesale and retail pricesAbility to quickly editAbility to display publicSuitable for all businessesAbility to load the imageMulti-useEasy and beautiful user interfaceMaterial design


Boghche is a platform that provides an online sale solution for existing shopping businesses.With Boghche any physical shop can have its own online sale application in few minutes.Boghche has the ability to connect to POS (Point of Sale) services in a shop and be synchronized with its database. Features: Suitable for wholesale and retail systemsSuitable for multi-story systemsAdvanced Category and SearchEasy and beautiful user interfaceMaterial design

Central Complex Laboratory University Of Kashan

The Central Complex Laboratory University Of Kashan is a Web Application for Science and Technology with the aim of presenting laboratory services to the university and industrial researchers with PHP and AngularJS. Features: Add or Edit laboratory, experiment, equipment, article, newsManage ordersCharge teacher’s accountsupload result’s filemessaging panel


MapCode is a location-based service, focusing on local businesses and urban information of the whole country of Iran. You can easily save any location and share your locations with others. Advantages: simple and beautiful interfaceUsing Google Map Service and its featuresfinding places by categoriesrobust search tool using a social network with your friends and share your places in the appconnecting to other map apps like Google map and using its featuresupdating app directlyMaterial UI ویدیو نرم افزار موبایل


Footofun is Android Application gathering useful content on the web automatically and presenting them by categorized.CafeBazaar Link. It has been tried to maintain a wide range of high quality content to cover all users’ preferences. Important to the fan and fan, we removed the useless and useless web content in this app and put a powerful search on it so that the user could easily find the content they wanted. We at Silix Group are implementing user-friendly content sharing so that users can share useful content with others that you can use soon. All you need to do is collect…