Boghche is a platform that provides an online sale solution for existing shopping businesses.With Boghche any physical shop can have its own online sale application in few minutes.Boghche has the ability to connect to POS (Point of Sale) services in a shop and be synchronized with its database. Features: Suitable for wholesale and retail systemsSuitable for multi-story systemsAdvanced Category and SearchEasy and beautiful user interfaceMaterial design

Venis Jackshaft Door Controller

Venis Jackshaft Door Controller is owned by Arviniot and its Android Application is designed by us. It opens and closes the Jackshaft door by remote and the application. It’s appropriate to house and store doors. The application works via SMS and the Internet. Features: Manage multi doorsAdd several users for managing doorsSchedulerconfigure parameters settings from the appreporting panelinstaller panel


This application has been developed/designed to receive the information from satelite and display/show it to users and has been used for Cansat competition. The app consists of the below subgroups: In the chart section, different/multiple received data can be illustrated simultaneously on a single/one  chart. Or separately based on their title. In the data section, detailed information are being displayed and it is possible/easily to provide/obtain a detailed report. Start writing or type / to choose a block All these reports are being saved in the reports section. Searching through the application is quite/very precise and accessible. Another feature of…


iEtik is an application for selling airplane tickets which has a beautiful and easy to use interface. Using the application, users can enter their account. In this section which is designed for the ticket information, users can enter the information for the desired ticket easily. All the possible flights along with their features/information can be seen/observed/displayed. It is possible to change their orders by applying filters. Based on price, airline, flight time, airplane model, class of flight. In the menu there are useful/practical options. It is very easy to use the app since all the sections are understandable and it/they…

Arna Car Security

Arna Car Security is owned by Arshin Co and its Android Application is designed by us. Arna is a Car Security Alarm System. Features:• Alert if your vehicle is stolen or hit whilst your vehicle is stationary• All the information provided via text messages, so there is no need to have a continuous internet signal• Get current car position using GPS and GSM location (continuous or on-demand)• Remote control (arming / disarming / status / location / calling back etc)• Get the voice call from alarm to listen to what is happening inside, also can pick up incoming calls• Provides information about the…

Behyab Car Tracker

Behyab Car Tracker is owned by Arshin Co and its Android Application is designed by us. Comprehensive web and mobile app, Designed by Arshin Engineers, allows the user to get in the event of any interruption to the Internet (GPRS), the basic software features associated with the tracking system will be made by sending and receiving SMS. ویدیو اپلیکیشن The server platform features used in the product : 1. Based on Google’s JavaScript engine, V8. 2. Allows JavaScript to run on the server side. 3. Node.js is used to write network-related applications with fast, quality, and scalable … 4….


MapCode is a location-based service, focusing on local businesses and urban information of the whole country of Iran. You can easily save any location and share your locations with others. Advantages: simple and beautiful interfaceUsing Google Map Service and its featuresfinding places by categoriesrobust search tool using a social network with your friends and share your places in the appconnecting to other map apps like Google map and using its featuresupdating app directlyMaterial UI ویدیو نرم افزار موبایل

Smart Gps

Smart Gps is a human tracker is reporting the human location via SMS and Bluetooth. It connects to an embedded device and receives data. Advantages: Show on mapSeparate and concurrent routingRemovable routingData reportingAbility to create alerts for the deviceSupports multiple devices simultaneouslySupport for SMS and Bluetooth communicationEnable optimal battery consumptionUsing Google Map Service and its featuresEasy and beautiful user interface Application Video

Automatic Photo Taker

Automatic Photo Taker is an Android Application To allow you to capture photos automatically per specific seconds then send Telegram Bot the photos. It’s suitable for capturing the book, the magazine and etc. Advantages: setting an alarm to start to take photos automatically simple and beautiful interfacesending photos via Telegram automatically updating app directlyMaterial UI Application Video