iEtik is an application for selling airplane tickets which has a beautiful and easy to use interface.

Using the application, users can enter their account.

In this section which is designed for the ticket information, users can enter the information for the desired ticket easily.

All the possible flights along with their features/information can be seen/observed/displayed.

It is possible to change their orders by applying filters.

Based on price, airline, flight time, airplane model, class of flight.

In the menu there are useful/practical options.

It is very easy to use the app since all the sections are understandable and it/they will not confuse the users.

Features/ characteristics of the program:

1. the possibility of having user account

2. beautiful and easy to use interface

3. displaying information throughly/ completely

4. capability of reordering based on filter features

5. capability of observing/seeing the reports of previous bought items

6. ease of search

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