Class schedule software

Class schedule software is software that uses smart solutions to help universities as well as educational institutions, etc., and helps them to be able to make error-free schedules for students and professors, and for this purpose. Spend the least amount of time and energy.
This software also has the ability to customize for each training unit so that it can show complete flexibility towards that center.


🖍 Ability to record the full profile of professors.
🖍 Ability to introduce classes, lessons, majors, and semesters to make the schedule as accurate as possible.
🖍 Finding empty classes over a period of time
🖍 Print a variety of class programs
🖍 Ability to prepare exam schedule automatically or manually
🖍 Prevent all kinds of human errors such as class interference, holiday identification, date identification with day of the week, class capacity filling, etc.
🖍 Prevent class schedule interference, automatically.
🖍 Ability to prepare class programs for professors and students in the semesters set in a very appropriate format.
🖍 Ability to introduce the user to prevent unauthorized access.
🖍 Ability to back up recorded information automatically or manually.

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